Mr. Jacobs served as mediator in one of my cases earlier this year. I found he was able to quickly grasp the key issues and points of dispute, successfully identify and then address the parties’ concerns and values, and make significant efforts to move the parties toward a mutually agreeable resolution.

The case reached a tentative settlement on the day of mediation, but we were unable to finalize the settlement due to the time constraints of the parties. Following mediation, and at the request of counsel, Mr. Jacobs stayed involved and facilitated a settlement that I believe would not have occurred without his assistance.

I have had the opportunity to work with various mediation providers, ranging from JAMS and IV AMS to private mediators, such as Mr. Jacobs. I can confidently say that Mr. Jacobs is one of the most effective mediators that I have worked with, and I would welcome the opportunity mediate a future matter with him.

Scott S.Attorney

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Jacobs for a mediation that took place on April 21, 2017 at his Livermore, CA office. I was the attorney of record for two real estate professionals involved in a real estate pre-litigation dispute.

Mr. Jacobs was attentive and professional during the lengthy mediation that involved volatile parties. Mr. Jacobs was diligent and proactive throughout the entire mediation.

Mr. Jacobs continued to facilitate settlement weeks following the mediation because he was confident the parties were able to resolve the matter amicably without the need of litigation. Thanks to the time and effort exerted by Mr. Jacobs, the matter was settled before a lawsuit was filed.

I highly recommend Mr. Jacobs as a mediator. He is an invaluable asset to the legal community.

Nicole F.Attorney

I’m writing to recommend Robert Jacobs as an outstanding mediator. Bob is personable, good with people, and works very hard to settle cases.

I had a mediation with Bob where opposing counsel was extremely volatile emotionally, took offense at a series of imagined slights, and literally stormed out of the mediation and hopped onto a plane right after demanding that I clear my calendar and continue mediating for “as long as it took”. Bob did a brilliant job of settling the case after settlement talks had broken down numerous times.

I recommend Bob wholeheartedly as a mediation panelist. Indeed, Bob is on my list of proposed mediators for every mediation in which I participate.

Alex F.Attorney